Combination Platter with 5 salads (GF): 11.99
Hummus, Tahini, 5 Falafel: 8.99
Pita, 5 Falafel and 4 add-ons (hummus, spicy tomatoes, tomatoes, jalapenos, red onion, pickles, pickled cabbage, chickpeas, black beans, lettuce. ): 6.99 6.99
Hummus - Tahini, Pita: 5.99
French Fries (small): 3.99
French Fries (large): 5.5

Gluten free falafel! A delectable treat any time of day. House crafted light and airy. Available in a pita, platter, side or add to your favorite salad or sandwich for something extra special. (Picture is of the Falafel Salad)